About Us

At Ronin Cannabis, doing good and good business are not competing principles; they are fundamentally aligned core values.

We are committed to promoting a culture of diversity, education, and giving back through various community-based programs and initiatives.

Connect your body. Meditate your mind.
Elevate your soul.


What kind of experience are you looking to achieve? Our knowledgeable staff are here to assist, educate, and empower you to make selections specifically geared towards your cannabis preferences.

Here at Ronin Cannabis, our staff is dedicated to creating a positive, non-judgmental, inclusive space for everyone! High vibes and elevated experiences are what we’re all about! Our certified budtenders are oozing with knowledge and the wiliness to help you achieve the experience you’re looking for.

Stimulate your senses and elevate your experience as you walk through our beautiful dispensary, bursting with inspired custom-made art and design!

Wanting more knowledge of terpenes? Terpenes are the aromatic oils (in cannabis and in many other plants) that give the distinctive flavours and diverse effects. Check out our terpene bar that highlights some of the main terpenes found in cannabis!
Explore our tablets to gain some cannabis knowledge, view our menu, and place an express order!

Meet The Team

Our team at Ronin Cannabis wholeheartedly believes in diversity, inclusivity and make giving back to our local communities an absolute priority. We are devoted to growing cannabis culture not only within our city, but across Southwestern Ontario, making Ronin Cannabis a communal hub for everything cannabis related!


Stacy Kraemer

General Manager

With years of experience working in the Cannabis Industry from British Columbia to Ontario, and having the opportunity to emerge from the Legacy Market, Stacy is beyond grateful of the opportunities that have come from the industry – from growing cannabis to being a budtender, to owning an award-winning edibles company, becoming a Cannabis Therapist and owning a holistic business, to helping oversee and manage dispensaries. Stacy has always made it a priority to focus on cannabis advocacy, education and empowerment surrounding the plant, and breaking stereotypes and stigmas (especially stigmas surrounding women). Catch Stacy inside Ronin Cannabis – she’ll be talking about beekeeping hobby, her bulldogs, the love she has for the ridiculous number of houseplants she’s super proud of, and of course everything cannabis!

Larry Little

General Manager

From the small community of Durham Bridge, NB. Larry took the long route with many stops throughout the world, on his way to Ronin. From Agriculture to Youth Counselling, Horticulture to Health Food, and Management to Carpentry, Larry brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Ronin Cannabis. The years have taught him not to sweat the small stuff, good relationships and good people are some of the keys to happy-healthy lifestyle. A little THC doesn’t hurt also…

Assistant Managers

Justin Reid

Assistant Manager

Justin is a certified Cannabis Sommelier that has had the opportunity to be featured on Business of Cannabis, TedXGuelph, RogersTv, Diversity Talks 'Black Canadians In Cannabis' Webinars and helped open some of the first and best running cannabis shops in Ontario. Now as a Ronin Warrior, Justin’s goal is to not only learn and grow with my fellow management team and staff but to really help connect and build with the city that he loves and grew up in. Justin’s favourite cultivar is Acapulco Gold – which is something the majority of us can agree with! Great choice J!

Kieran Senior

Assistant Manager

What can be said about Kieran. An all-around Cannabis enthusiast, his love for cannabis pulled him away from the food industry and into a head shop called Crazy Bills in Kitchener. While working there, he gained quite an expertise on accessory and cannabis culture before the first wave of dispensaries in the tri-cities area. Using this experience, he transitioned into the legal cannabis sector. This is when his search for cannabis knowledge really took off and inspired him to complete the Cannabis Sommeliers class hosted by Cannareps. With a few years of actual Cannabis industry experience and overall life experience with cannabis, Kieran is a huge advocate in consume what works for you, creating a non-peer pressure, relaxed environment when he is in the shop.

Giving Back

We care about being eco-friendly and helping Mother Nature!

How we are reducing our carbon footprint:

With serving the Tri-Cities and beyond, it is important to us to be environmentally responsible and reduce our overall waste. When shopping at Ronin, you can assure that the shopping bags you are leaving with are 100% recycled with post-consumer content. Did you know at Ronin Cannabis there are also drop-off bins for customer’s vape recycling and plastic container waste? We are dedicated to reduce, reusing, and recycling with every opportunity we have! Our team advocates for being eco-conscious, focusing on sustainable packaging and recycling programs

Community Outreach

Ronin Cannabis is dedicated to giving back to our community and highlighting local charities, artists and non-profits through organized events, art shows, workshops, business promotions, donations and fundraisers! Through the growth of community and cannabis culture, we are breaking community barriers by connecting, educating and empowering companies and individuals to get involved, and give back to our vulnerable populations.

Keep up to date with all events to come through our blog page and social media outlets. If you know a charity who deserves to be showcased, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team!