Cannabis Edibles

There's a Lot More to Cannabis Than Just Smoking Bowls

For years, when most people thought about cannabis, images of rolling papers, weed pipes and cannabis buds would only come to mind. In recent years, with the rise in varieties of cannabis products available, cannabis edibles have become hugely popular among cannabis users of all walks of life. This could be because edibles don't require you to actually smoke cannabis flower, which some people prefer to avoid if they don't enjoy the smell or taste.

So, if you've been interested in dipping your toes into the cannabis market and want to try something new, edibles might be the perfect choice to get you started.

Edible Chocolate Bars

cannabis chocolate

Of course, we couldn't talk about cannabis edibles without bringing up edible chocolate bars. These are a staple for any fan of edibles, and some of the best brands are so tasty, you'd never even know it had cannabis in it (if it weren't for the after effects).

Offered in varieties like toffee crunch, cookies & cream, mint chocolate, on top of more ordinary milk chocolate varieties, there are edible chocolate bars available to suit any palette.

The best part of many edible chocolate bars being released in recent years, is that some provide multiple doses per bar, and divide up the chocolate inside the wrapper for easy division and storage. This means you won't be nearly as tempted to eat too much, just because it's there, which can end up saving you money, if you regularly enjoy edibles.

Edible Gummies

cannabis candy gummy

Arguably the most popular form of edibles, gummies are one of the hottest selling cannabis edibles on the market.

It's no surprise these types of edibles are so popular because they're small, easy to bring along with you wherever you might be going, and they're usually weak enough that you can have a couple before you have to worry about taking too many (always be sure to read the instructions on the edibles packages, just to be safe).

Available in a rainbow of flavors, edible gummies can be purchased in packs that include 10-12 pieces, or in small packs with larger edible gummies that tend to have higher individual THC strength.


cannabis chocolate and cannabis gummies and cannabis brownie

Gone are the days when cannabis edibles feel like someone just ground up some cannabis buds into a food product and sell it based on potency, rather than taste.

These days, with government regulations in place for legalization, edibles are much more heavily regulated product than they ever were. In fact, legal cannabis edibles must adhere to incredibly strict manufacturing procedures, in order to protect new cannabis users from getting sick or over-consuming.

Each 'portion' of edibles that is to be consumed must be kept to a limited volume of THC, which also helps minimize the risks of taking too much in one sitting.

Ronin Cannabis only offers cannabis edibles that are certified under these strict guidelines, so that our customers always know that when they buy their edibles from us, they're going to have a safe, enjoyable experience.

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